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The world started witnessing Wellness Revolution since year 2000. Millions of people became aware of the fact that preventing diseases to happen in the first place is a much preferred choice than treating diseases. Paul Zane Pilzer through his International Best Seller ‘Wellness Revolution,’ made the world realize that healthcare industry is a misnomer; it needs to be renamed as ‘sickness industry’ as all the sectors in healthcare industry (hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals, labs etc) deal with sickness. Using economic theories he proved that, given a chance, people will prefer wellness than sickness.

In the past 20 years we saw phenomenal growth in the wellness industry; be it nutritional products or wellness services or organic stores. Now the time has come for the next breakthrough revolution in wellness; Wellness Revolution 2.0. There is always an underlying cause behind every revolution; in this case we can see the Covid 19 pandemic as the cause.

What is in store for you in Wellness Revolution 2.0.

Wellness Revolution 2.0 is all about Personalised Wellness. It is all about taking charge of your own biology and psychology using scientific tools and processes, which is called Biohacking. Biohacking is the process of creating a better version......

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Wellness Revolution 2.0.

Here is an opportunity to learn about Life Strategies for Living Long and Staying Young based on Wellness Revolution 2.0
Biohacking techniques

To take charge of your biology and psychology

Quantified Self Tools

Various technology devices to continuously monitor and manage your health

Personalized Wellness

Personalization of Food, Nutrition, Fitness, Medicine etc

Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications

To manage or control genetic mutations and hence lifestyle diseases

Strategies for living 100+

Healthy and productive years.

Wellness Revolution 2.0

Life Strategies to Live Long and Stay Young

BIOHACK Live Webinar Series

Led By

Sajeev Nair

Peak Performance Strategist & Longevity Researcher

Date - On Every SUNDAYS
Medium - English
Timing - 11 AM

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Why Wellness Revolution Series ?


• How to maintain high energy levels and Peak Performance?
• How to make your brain works at Peak Levels so that you can create million dollar ideas?
• How to have healthy Immunity system?
• How to slow down aging or even reverse biological age?
• How to know which food work for you and which food work against you?
• How to identify the right nutritional supplements for you?
• How to create your own personalized exercise regimen?
• How to be free from stress and to have healthy sleep?

There will be internationally known experts from various fields like Functional Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and other streams of Wellness will be joining Mr Sajeev Nair in various sessions.


"WELLNESS REVOLUTION 2.0" - The next big wave

Welcome to the world of Biohacking and Quantified Self. Take charge of your destiny now and help millions of people to do the same

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We want to tell the world that ‘OPTIMAL HEALTH IS POSSIBLE.’ By taking charge of our own body and mind we can take charge of our destiny and live a longer, happier and healthier life. Here are some simple and practical steps to maintain optimal health and to perform at peak levels.

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